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Boy, I am going to win the frequent commenter award!

I will admit to you and just you...I shop on QVC during the holidays. I get some great ideas for unusual gifts. I DVR the shows like "Under the Tree" that offer a lot of gift ideas and with the fast forward button, I can scan 2 hours of show in about 10 minutes.

I know...can you say type A?

Anyway...they have incredible prices on electronics, cameras, computers etc. Huge buying power. I've never bought "gotta touch or see it" types of items (clothes, jewelry etc) but for things that don't require that personal touch, it's a great place to shop.

Best QVC find this year -- candles made from wax, look and smell like real candles but are battery operated, so they flicker like a candle but no worries about accidental fires etc.

I have given them to three different women (mom, step mom and female friend) and all three have oohed and aahed over them. My dad's wife has actually gone online and bought more of them to give as gifts herself.

Whew..that was a lot of confession in one comment!!


The whole interaction with TV and potential extensions via Web 2.0 applications fascinates me. Marketers may have just scratched the surface in that new space, but there are companies like QVC who have been doing quite a good job at developing those opportunities so far.

I found it interesting and telling that QVC would hire a marketer as CEO...

"how do you feel about making purchases via TV shows?"

Good question!

I've never purchased via TV. I'd rather not spend money...but therapy is helping.

And as for TV, I'm twisted. I like Showtime's Dexter.

But there is an interesting development in the Des Moines market. One of the Ford dealerships is doing a kind of infomercial model to try and "move" cars.

Kind of a like the residential real estate shows most markets have only with cars.

Wondering if this will work?

Thanks for stirring our thinking out here in the blogosphere!

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