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So true, isn't it, that we're dealing with a finely-sharpened, double-edged sword. The benefits of online contacts can't be argued. We need to both guard and temper the benefits, though; they're too precious to lose, yet it's so easy to get lost in them.

Valeria -

I think my favorite line above is "treat the person next to you as a teacher."

It's so easy to get wrapped up in our own thinking that we fail to do this. We are all students and all teachers -

Thanks for a really thought-provoking post!


PS - I'm with David A on how connections on the Internet have enriched my life in 2006, but the neatest of those connections may have started on the internet but they've been fosterd by phone or in person meetings (like meeting you!). There is no substitute!

David J -- when I was doing communications and marketing for a risk management consulting boutique, the CEO used to personally visit people around the office at least once a week or bi-weekly if he wasn't traveling. I learned so much by observing him. Thank you for the reading tip, I love learning from books.

DA -- that is what 'touched' me about Isaac's excerpts as well. That's why I do so much in person activities. Last night I attended an event because I really craved human contact. There are so many non-verbal cues to our conversations. And it is neat to be in the presence of someone else. I treat it like a privilege. I promise if I'm ever in Chicago I'll look you up if you promise you'll do the same when you're in Philadelphia. In fact, I organize monthly live events with Fast Company magazine readers' network (450+ members locally) and we're doing a whole series on 'emerging visionaries' next year. You are invited to facilitate one of those conversations. Just let me know when and I'll give you the keys to the city ;-)

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