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Valeria: I love this story. Love it. I'm in the final stages of a post that this animates very well (so I'll link to you, if that's OK) -- if you're going to call someone out, be damn sure you're right. By all means, if you're better head to head, go ahead and force the comparison. If you're wrong, or hadn't thought through all the possible rammifications, watch out for the nasty comeback. Thanks -- great story!

Roger -- pointing out a delicate matter for a community can spell disaster quickly and you can bet the community will rally around its own. As Matt explains, the topic was really touchy for the folks in Cleveland and Fiji did not earn any friends by alluding to it, even unwittingly.

Matt -- thank you for joining this conversation. This advert and the ensuing discussion here are perfect examples of unintended consequences. And it has been proven that tap water can rival bottled.

Gianandrea -- as in the story you shared, it seldom pays off to demean, devalue, or put down something or someone else to look better; one hardly shines when engaging in those tactics.

lately I saw a Tim (mobile phone carrier) spot with De Sica singing in an opera theatre. Sophia Loren acted as part of the audience, disappointed with his performance. He did turn his head to a member of the cast and said: who cares? she is a ciociara!! ( a quote from a famous movie with Sophia).
A groups of majors from that area complained a lot about the commercial.

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