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» Understanding the AT from Create Value Innovation
I am always looking for tools and ideas that simplify the work of understanding customers. Watch and listen to Stephen Colbert's explanation of the re-emergence of the ATT brand. Say, Bye-bye, Cingular. (Thanks to Matt Dickman at Techno/Marketer) I think [Read More]


Valeria: I almost expected a few people to come back to me after my post on the 13th with excellent reasons why this move made sense, thus the "I'm willing to debate this" waffle I threw in... and here we are, all scratching our heads, wondering why this made sense.

Anybody know anybody at AT&T? Someone over there needs to tell us why this was such a fantastic idea...

Mack -- it's really challenging to see the world through other people's eyes... that's why we have ears, and two of them. And the issue of laziness is actually quite complex, sometimes it's the company culture that gets in the way.

Tim -- I confess I had not read your story, but made up for it immediately. Mike Wagner and I share a lot more than an open and ready smile. Evolution is key and as I say in my FC post, my experience with AT&T was over a 15-year span.

Excellent post, Valeria... we must have been getting tapped by the same branding muse this week (see my post on www.carpefactum.com entitled "Muy Logo"). Besides being about people and reputation, brands are also about stories. You can't hire a designer to make a brand. The brand is an evolutionary process that you discover over time (and some times it discovers you).

Thanks for continuing to add value to the blogosphere!

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