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Stephen -- when at the wheel of a Ferrari, performance *and* elegance take you away with them. Being in the instant is of paramount importance. It's oh so tempting to identify with the tool/car. What keeps you alive is the realization that you are the rush, not it. The car only helps you stage the experience. Just like every great brand.

Gavin -- no Ducati, I would not want you crying just yet. As I noted in my response to Stephen, brands are pieces of our story made alive by our imagination. Of course, it helps when the brand is a sexy shade of flame red and transports us to a new place very, very, very fast.

Gianandrea -- form follows function. Isn't it amazing how the music of an engine can evoke such powerful images? Cremona and surroundings are just as special as Roma and the 7 hills.

valeria, i'm on gavin side about the fact you drove a ferrari. i did not have the chance, until now.
i loved fast driving and had a spider barchetta with some modification to the electronic. living in rome with my parents in cremona (north of italy at around 500 km), on saturday i used to leave very early in the morning, 5 am, and run home as fast as i can. for me it was a zen exercise. the car has nothing electrical on board since every single horsepower was committed to performance.
now i have a suv, packed with dogs, bikes, etc and my trip are quiete and contemplative. but i will test a ferrari sooner or later, hope so.

OK ... you are always going to get a response from me on a car or motorbike post ;)

The thing about cars and bikes is that they are often external manifestations of our own internal sense of identity. This is partly why the linkage with emotion is so strong.

But I do like the way you have turned the high performance concept around and applied it to the efforts of innovators. It would be interesting to apply similar thinking to brands. Thanks for giving me something to think about.

Oh, and I am sooo jealous that you have driven a Ferrari! Just don't tell me that you have a Ducati or I will cry.

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