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As part of my 2007 goals, I signed up for a beginners art class at a local art academy.  I dont see myself especially gifted as an artist, so I figured this would be a great way to find out how right I am. Guess what?  There is a pro... [Read More]

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Yes yes!! Draw more! You'll learn so much about your relationship with yourself (a long road for me!). Just throw yourself in it and let it develop to whatever it will be. The book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is a great way to look at things differently - here's the site just to give you an idea: http://www.drawright.com/

Thanks Valeria, this was so cool...

Joe, thank you for taking the conversation to the next level. I'm sure Chris won't mind, it was probably his intention all along.

In "More Space", which is a book that collects 9 blog essays on business, Johnnie Moore speaks about "Simple Ideas. Lightly Held" and provides a series of paired drawing exercises to illustrate some of his points. Link to the full essay here http://www.astroprojects.com/media/MSSimple5.html

Thank you for your kind words. My curiosity and shared experience brought me to Trivioquadrivio's doorstep. The bonus was learning that Leonardo and I had the same course of studies, even read the very same books in high school.

Hi Valeria,

We would all have more refined observation skills! I recently started taking drawing classes. In two hours I learned more about observation, perception, patience, humility, and precision than in all my previous formal education, MBA, etc.

Thank you for pointing us to Trivioquadrivio. People learn more here by accident than other places by design!

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