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Great marketing campaign. Will beer lovers start opting for Four Points Sheraton properties because they have better "beer lists"? Time will tell. Stella's branding is indeed elegant, but I personally admire the ongoing efforts of the folks at Samuel Adams. (Also: Eurolagers and pilsners taste mostly similar to my palate.) They moved from microbrewery to macrobrewery without losing their "cool" factor. That's tough to pull off.

Survey question: Who owns one (or more) of those great Stella Artois glasses? (Besides me.)

So my theory of women being the best beer connoisseurs is now going out the window. I think branding and messaging are good ways to get the word out on a product, yet they are usually no matches for the experience. It seems to me from reading all your comments, that a good brew is more than just a well-crafted story.

Richie -- I had my first Guinness draft in Ireland, now that was an experience... and a meal in itself. I tend to like the less sweet hops so that taste fit with my preference.

DA -- it was Rod Stewart that said blondes are more fun. I'm smiling at the thought of listening to that song in Italy and thinking I was doomed to a dull life. "If We Fall in Love Tonight", as Stewart says, it would be Stella for me as well.

Gavin -- I planned on publishing this post 10 days ago, a little before the deadline expired and I suspect you would have given all those candidates a run for their stories.

Stephen -- marketing is easy for a good brand, which makes me go back to the question of how can we make sure that we focus on making our products and services remarkable first? Wow, another candidate for the CBO. Makes me think of desirable job titles of the future.

With reluctance, I will set aside my current responsibilities and take on the weighty role -- some have greatness thrust upon them, after all -- of CBO. Thank you. As long as I don't have to drive. (I get a driver, don't I?)

Yes, Stella is fabulous and just beats the pants off of Heineken, lite or otherwise. In my opinion. Here's a strong case for just plain good product quality over "marketing" glitz.

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