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Valeria -- I'm enjoying your blog! Thanks for getting in touch! Sounds like you're in my old neighborhood of (west) Philly --

How often are you in a meeting with someone who seems to be mentally preparing their next speech instead of listening to you or anyone else? They aren't really looking at you, they aren't actually engaged, but they seem more animated and excited the closer you are to finishing whatever you're saying?

A very wise advisor used to describe this as "two people climbing the ladders of their own inference and hurling conclusions at each other."

It's a good 'thin slice' of a company with a poor culture of communication and very common. Unfortunately.

Michael -- your idea lent itself very nicely to the scope of my thinking. Funny how I keep going back to the thought that work is personal.

David -- I owe many of my thoughts around leadership to my long time mentor and former CEO. The 'care' part needs to be shown, and the most influential people shine it right through.

Sherry -- sometimes we forget to be in the conversation with the other. Ironically, it is much easier to be present when we forget ourselves. As you put it, the ego wants to have a say.

I like your 5 points Valeria. Seems like being authentic and present for others is the best "branding" a person can create and also the best gift for others. It's such a basic concept and yet so hard to accomplish this just being in the moment with others. Must always tone down the ego. Thanks for the great post.

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