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correct, valeria. the first smart was a culture clash between swatch, willing to make a toy car, and mercedes, willing to make a tech car. the result was an hybrid too expensive and too far in some solution that just did not work. today smart is rather successful in some part of italy, eg rome. but it is defintely driven by rather dumb people: they feel the car is easy to drive and small to pass in narrow places. the result is horrible crash.


The Smart is one of my favorite cars. I suspect that the initial project was modeled after the parent brand Swatch and the many ways/flavors in which they're producing watches.

Building a custom car is not the same as building a relatively custom watch though and I can see why the project failed.

What's interesting to me is that OScar still seems to be at the conceptual phase. I favor prototyping and going to market with iterative models.

valeria, i used to work for the first launch of the smart in italy, back on 1998. the car came with a rather similar concept ( well the software was different at that time) and with a strong focus on customer. you may build your car at a computer installed in the sale shop, place the order and get your tailor made car in three days.
even if the world changed a lot since then, i believe that a project as it was the smart one and as it is oscar is too far complex to get someone to produce it. you may actually find it only on a very small scale, local delivery (probably europe is ok) but at a very high cost. these were the reason why the first smart project failed and there are the reason why oscar may not succeed. by the way the timing of the two projects is very similar and it was a very trendy topic for the time. hope i get the point. ciao.

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