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Cam -- thank you for stopping by.

Stephen -- probably the most forgotten will be James Madison who made a major contribution to the ratification of the Constitution by co-writing the Federalist Essays and helped frame the Bill of Rights and enact the first revenue generation in Congress. All indications are that he continued to be a team player after he was elected President in 1809.

Valeria: good to see a thoughtful post on Presidents Day ('when EVERYTHING is HALF OFF!') that illuminates a few of the most influential people in our history. Not many of us give Washington and Lincoln their due; no one gives Adams his, and Jefferson gets more than his fair share at Adams' expense. Talk about a branding problem.

With the rise of the primacy of media over substance, "leadership" is often replaced by "messaging". You very correctly recognize Reagan as a tremendous leader -- he's certainly the most important president in terms of his positive effect on the world in my lifetime, and I'm in my 40's -- primarily because he was such a good communicator. No one ever called him smart. But he was as shrewd as Johnson and didn't have the rough edges.

We remember Reagan simply: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall." We remember Nixon by "I am not a crook", not from China. We remember Kennedy as Camelot, define Carter by Iran, Clinton by the word, 'cigar'.

Interestingly, I'll bet few of us can put a label on Bush senior. And I'd wager that Bush junior would have been remembered as a truly great leader if he weren't so bloody terrible in front of a camera. Media training (or the lack thereof) killed W. If he had Reagan's (or Clinton's) effortlessness in front of the media, he'd have approval ratings in the 70's right now and be remembered as a Teddy Roosevelt-like figure. Alas. He's not slick and his legacy will suffer for it.

I could go on -- wonderful post! Thanks!

Nice, relevant post, Valeria. Kudos.

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