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Valeria, the above conversation probably shows that you are right about the shape of the world. And that's probably right if applied to the shape of the business, too. But this is where I get mad about: the multinational model is mostly done with some basic rules, the first is everything make us saving money in a short term is ok, in order to customize the world. Same products, same brands, same advertising. Then sometimes troubles happen. The name of a product is offensive in a country, the ad does touch sensitive topic in another one, and so on. Once again, we are lost in translation.

Hope I'm not going off on too much of a tangent with my comment, but I liked this post, it extended my thoughts on something written by Terry Heaton a couple of months ago called "The Local Web" ( which talked about the real growth in internet advertising over the next decade being at the local level and how that will prompt the evolution of local media on the web (an evolution from the days of network television and local affiliate stations).

Local scale certainly seems to be making a big comeback (if it ever went away) for a bunch of reasons.

Really thought provoking. Thanks =)

My recent "Flat World" experience. The Ball of Whacks was designed in California, manufactured in China, marketed and sold through a website put together in Russia, and bought primarily by Americans and Europeans (and a few Indians). I'm just a single individual who did this, but the experience showed me how easy it is to tap into resources from all over the world.

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