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Well, predictions don't come true. That's why they are predictions. Although they should be somewhat accurate...

Gianandrea -- two thoughts about your comment: (1) multinationals are lazy and hire people with no cultural skills in positions that require them; (2) multinationals think that if they build it, people will come. Both are me-centered way of thinking. The paradox is that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Which brings me to:

Mike -- "It turns out that the new way of building a brand is the old way of building a brand." May not be sexy, but it's doable.

Stephen -- ideas have no boundaries, it's the execution that will get you every time. To act, you need to be aware of what's going on the ground and you can do that only in a close-up situation.

Thank you, you have made this a very stimulating conversation.

"Credibility and reputation, even for brands, come from experiencing..."

It turns out that the new way of building a brand is the old way of building a brand.

I tell clients one simple truth when they get all excited about marketing and advertising and reaching the world.

A brand is something you demonstrate.

No brand demonstration, no market penetration.

Thanks for stirring my noggin' up this afternoon.

Keep creating,

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