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Spent the day in Dallas yesterday, working with the Executive Diversity Council for our restaurant group.  It is always a joy and a learning experience to get out of the corporate offices and visit a brand. I needed to be back for a wond... [Read More]


Ann -- I was looking at buying a new printer and now I will look twice before I select HP. Thank you for the heads up.

Joe -- oh my, it sounds like a rough trip. And a hit on yet another airline brand. I like your key notes. You know what's funny? I know you blogged about this experience and I'm just another blogger. Authors find me all the time because I've blogged about their book. It would be so easy for airlines and businesses to find those customers who are vocal -- and constructive -- and reach out to them. Don't make me fill yet another third-party survey. The information is already out there.

I have no problem naming names when businesses and employees don't respect themselves or their customers.

I had an incredibly frustrating experience flying Northwest Airlines from the Bahamas back to Minneapolis (via Detroit, which is a different story). Some lowlights:

Poor call center service: we wanted to avoid a 4 1/2 hr layover in Detroit. We were told that there needs to be at least an hour between flights to clear customs. Makes sense...except that we clear customs IN THE BAHAMAS! So we get a 4 1/2 hr layover at the end of a week of relaxation. Key note: your call center people need to know the basics to help people.

Flight attendant: a Northwest flight attendant spent the better part of two hours complaining to another passenger about the 'raw deal' attendants received, how much she didn't like her job, etc. etc. Right in the main cabin, for all to experience. Key note: Guess what? We're your customers and we see you, the pilots, the mechanics, the analysts at corporate, the gate agents, all the same: "The Airline". You should too.

What we should resolve to do as consumers is to ALWAYS name names, and directly to the offending company or location. It is good for business to know what isn't working, especially direct from customers. Then they have an opportunity to change.


Valeria - you hit a chord with me today. I just had a horrible experience with HP: http://managetochange.typepad.com/main/2007/03/and_the_winner_.html It really leaves you frustrated. After that experience I ended up buying 2 computers from another source - HP lost over $4500!!!

Sometimes the only recourse we have as consumers is to name names. It's the source of our power!!!


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