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What a wonderful observation of cultural differences as manifested in behaviors. In our rush to standardize the world -- or make it flat, as they say -- we are losing important lessons in the value of self-regulation and citizenship.

I have not driven through Germany in a long time, but I would expect a more orderly experience. The language and historical thought would indicate that.

i guess this campaign is basically about breaking with the classical patterns of signaling and by doing so creating a) more attention to the signs and b)adding more emotional content to the message.

on a side note: i - as a german - do love of course the self organizing chaos of traffic in france, spain and most of all in italy. - few things have quite such an elegance and are more of a symbol of life itself. - sadly enough i have to say that regulations seem to be getting more and more and the police is getting stricter and stricter in the south of europe.
driving in spain for example is not much fun as you can get ridiculous fines today. as result you have a pretty neurotic behavior on the streets: spanish temper forced into a strict scheme of correctness is now overcompensating with permanent rudeness and disrespect for the weaker (smaller cars, pedestrians, cyclists...). in comparison: driving in organized germany - where everybody had always internalized the rules of the game fully - is nowadays an almost cultivated experience. ...
it is a little bit a shame: latins should be allowed to float freely everywhere in the world. it just suits them much better.
it is a little bit a shame: we are about to loose a wonderful part of human culture.


I do not have the data from the campaign and will research it. Maybe some of my international readers can help too. What interested me was the differences in cultural interpretations. When I first came here, the signs and visual communications in the US seemed strange.

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