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Thank you Valeria. With all the stuff that goes into raising two girls under 2, I sometimes feel way out of touch, especially with the lack of sleep. But I try to remind myself always that we are connected. The experience is there, watching little babies learning to communicate - it's amazing how we figure it out (and how much we burden those who are teaching us - that's where the love comes in). And thoughts - I see them as part of one bowl of spaghetti, all intertwined, can't tell where one begins and one ends (at a glance at least). And really, thoughts end up being a bunch of analogies as we try to understand the world around us. But how beautiful they end up being when we put our creativity into it!

David -- I was thinking about the whole idea of platforms and megaphones in concert with social media, and to me it felt like notes falling into place. It's not as much a populist version of official publishing: it is what publishing is looking like more and more. Well done on the article!

Gianandrea -- lyrics are so difficult to translate because they relate more deeply to moods, scents, and places we have been. Ligabue conveys the feelings of those moments: reaching out to a friend who needs helps; improvising a party at a gas station convenience store when the pubs are closed; how some nights we can be alone with our thoughts...

valeria, i would add the lyrics from another singer born in your neighborhood: ligabue.

Certe notti c'hai qualche ferita
che qualche tua amica disinfetterà.
Certe notti coi bar che son chiusi
al primo autogrill c'è chi festeggerà.

E si può restare soli
certe notti qui
che chi s'accontenta gode
così, così
Certe notti sei sveglio
o non sarai sveglio mai
ci vediamo da Mario prima o poi.

Same places, same fog, same pain and then friends bringing the sun in our heart.

I leave the translation to you, my friend.

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