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"Conversation is a competitive advantage."
Absolutely right... in marketing, in business relationships, in personal relationships and in life.

Mark -- and yet I managed to fit it in because in a conversation what you offer is a thought for consideration. You'll have to wait until Thursday to read my FC Expert post to have a real life example of that. Conversation is a process that begins in the minds -- and hearts -- of the people joining in. No amount of money will help there, the appropriate conditions will.

Luc -- I just know that we're all selling our posts to each other. I'm buying for sure. The Mentos/Coke example if perfect. As I recall it was around for a while before it was 'discovered' -- we still have the bazaar mindset. We want to find the special something and show everyone.

Steve -- I was talking about it tonight with a person I met at a store (we talked for 2 hours; hence my weekly post for FC was hatched in my mind). When you look at work as part of life, you put things in the proper dimension and build a life that works, as FC used to say in its tagline.

Thank you, really. My post is now incomplete without reading your comments. And this is Conversation @ Work.

As always, Valeria, you connect what appear to may to be parallel paths (work and life) and unite them into a whole.

And when you note correctly that work is personal, you move the conversation away from "work/life balance" and toward the focus of "life" and the part that work plays in it.

The first time I was at the Acropolis I was so overwhelmed with the aura and the history, I sat down and ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich just to bring me back to reality.

I liked the aura part better.

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