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Oh man! THIS is precisely the kind of thing I work on all the time! I was just having a conversation today about how I want to write my new catalog with more story to connect the reader with the bikes. The story has been one of the key ingredients to the humble successes I've had with the resurrection of the brand, largely thanks to the blog. The blog is my constant narrative- my chance to reach out and share why I love the bikes as much as I do.

That said, I do firmly believe in the power of story telling as a way to "sell". I prefer to think of it as less selling and more connecting. I am a firm believer that I am a really crappy salesperson, but I'm a good storyteller- especially when I get really rolling and passionate. I have no doubt I can convince somebody to at least consider buying my brand of bikes, if I can have a conversation with them and share my passion for cycling with them. Without even getting into the particulars of the brand, just by sharing that same love for cycling that they have... that, to me, is what storytelling does; it goes beyond the barriers of brands and connects people to an experience. Once they are connected to the experience (in my case, cycling), they can be connected to a product (my bikes).

Looking forward to reading more of this.

Lewis -- It may be because I come from the land of special coffee stories. Starbucks never impressed me for a moment, anywhere. Harley Davidson, now that is one heck of a story. I had a colleague when I was in technology start up who dressed the part and had the bike -- total immersion.

Connie -- what a moving story. It's amazing how the flavors and images of our childhood stay imprinted in our memory, along with the emotional feelings they evoke. Campbell's for me was the Andy Warhol art cans, believe it or not. I lived in Italy and never imagined that I would one day visit the company that made those products.

Olivier -- I saw the post and did not get a chance to read through the whole thing. I must do that tomorrow.

Cool post. This is a great follow-up to my 'Archetypes & Brands' post from this morning.


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