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OK, Valeria, here is real life:

a. You and I have talked about the ING cafe and both hang there, being from the same area

b. We talked about Lisa's upcoming gig being scheduled there

c. You shared that ING had been cooperative in hosting events--a good neighbor

d. You even talked about the accounts that you had personally with ING

e. My young adult daughter called and wanted a suggestion about where to open a savings account for easy access and decent interest

f. One of my 3 suggestions was ING, in part because I figured that if they paid attention to the community they were probably going to be easy for my daughter to deal with in terms of customer service

g. I just took away the recommendation with an explanation. She may still decide that it's the best bet for her, but now she's thinking hard about it

h. They went from a slam dunk to a big question mark in one gesture

Is that real enough?


I think the pressure is on to deliver quarter to quarter results and many companies indeed think the best way is to cut and save their way to prosperity. Score cards are quite unbalanced if long term consequences are not taken into consideration.

in many companies, more and more experienced persons are outplaced because of their cost and replaced with juniors.
this consideration and your post make me convinced that most of the companies live in a too short span of time, look for short term higher revenue: their marketing approach is still referred to produce and sell. today to produce and sell should no longer be the goal but a medium for generating revenue.
hope i have been clear: not so sure about.

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