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First off, congratulations! Secondly, the thinking bloggers are REALLY easy to identify: you know the feeds in your reader that you skip over because you "don't have time right now, but I'll come back to it later.."? Those are the thinking bloggers. ;)

Paul -- after all the reading I did at Hee-Haw Marketing I feel like I have done my work for the day! And as I think about it, maybe you elicited so many responses and comments by Kohl's employees because those people need to be heard -- and nobody is listening.

David -- I concur with you that Lewis is definitely a person who can draw the best out of you with his writing, and comments. There are many of you who do, that's why I thought of asking a different question...

Lorelle -- you have managed to make a semi-geek out of me. I am now seriously thinking about switching to WordPress. You say "to discover the underlying truths" that's where my love of inquiry comes from. A real challenge is one launched out of true curiosity and a desire to learn.

Joe -- I'm heading over Julie's Innovation Ecosystem right now. Thank you for recommending it. I like your distinction of "framing the conversation vs. just asking questions".

Gianandrea -- one can think with their hearts, too. In fact, that is some of the best thinking... and maybe as Lorelle suggests, we should have the Feeling Blogger Awards. It could be someone who evokes emotions and spurs us into action. I have already several in mind.

valeria, i have to think a lot to understand all you ladies and gents who write in english (american?). then i have to think to write my ideas in a decent and clear way. then i need some rest now cause i'm so tired.
you definitely deserve the title of thinking blogger.

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