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Feedback goes both ways and I'm sure that the answer to your question "Do you really want to know" is a "no". In many cases, at least.

First of all, not everyone (or business) has skin thick enough to take the negatives. Maybe they're asking to be nice. I'd love to see a real case showing how a company responds seriously to its feedback.

Are they blogging, accepting comments and responding to them honestly?

How do companies that record calls learn from the conversations?

What loop is in place to collect, analyze, and implement feedback?

These are just some of the questions I have. Thoughts?

Stephen -- I am not surprised yet constantly puzzled by the insecurity and indecision of senior management in companies. Also, while in Europe you may get a more candid response, albeit a bit more pessimistic, here people tend to want to score high marks by saying good things -- even when there are no good things to say.

CK -- exactly! How can you know if the service works for you already? Why so impatient? Why focusing only in the short term? Where are the survey people when you have something to say?

"Feedback is a conversation -- it goes both ways."

So an ISP calls me a few days after I bought a domain to "get my feedback" (which it did) and to sell me on a privacy service (which it didn't, tho' they tried to scare me with the 'your identity could be stolen' pitch.) They asked me if I had any questions...which was great. And then they asked me what I most like about their service...what was 'the best thing' about them they wondered.

"But I've only had your service for 3 days, so I don't know what I like 'best'" say I.

"But I need to fill-out something on this form" says he.

It was then that I told him that that was my answer--and was feedback that could truly help their surveys. Ya know, give a girl some time to try the service...and then ask that question.

The convo ended there. Sigh ;-).

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