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I really like the way you articulate your thinking. You seem to draw from many different sources, and that is always quite healthy for critical thought.

Nobody likes to stand out, it's uncomfortable and scary. "What if I'm wrong?" goes through your mind at least as frequently as "why doesn't everyone else see this?" The only wrong move may be not to try, stretch, reach. Most of what we do today successfully did not exist only a few years ago.

Hi Valeria, and thanks for such a generous review! It's better than the last time I was called out on the Internet for my SEO views.

I also love the comments about being inventive across disciplines. I like to tell people that the measure of how good an idea "MIGHT" be is by how much push-back you get from established people in the industry. The more push-back you get about how what you're proposing is absolutely impossible, the more likely you are to be onto something.

In the end, you're either vindicated or vilified. So it helps if you somehow know you're right. Some of the wackier fields going through this are cold fusion and zero point energy. They're wacko's until it happens to turn out that they're right (and I'm not saying that they are).


I think the term guild is so much more appropriate than tribe to describe the highly specialized individual skill we posses.

And going across disciplines is important for collaboration, especially since more and more we need to be involved at a very grassroots level.

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