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Tully -- alright, I've added you as a friend on Facebook... only because we have been sparring successfully for months ;-) I have been using the LinkedIn account a lot more to drive people to specific contacts and help with career transition interests. Does anyone else think Facebook is TOO much information?

Vera -- thank you for adding your voice to this conversation. You got it, that was the gem in the post. We are looking to flip without doing the work. Relationships are work. Anyone, how do you envision taking the current social networks and making them more actionable? How do we translate what we've got into what we need?

Great post, Valeria.

you said... "You know why all these tools seem to be replacing blogging? Because blogging is still work."

You could easily substitute networking/acquaintances vs friendships/relationships in this statement.

Supposedly this twittering trend, combined with all the little online ASPs, is all going to converge and get integrated in Web 3.0 or whatever we're calling it now. Um ...okay.

Personally, I'd prefer to see more development of 'internet 1.1 for everyone'. Following the next hot thing trends is not something that 85% of the population is ever going to do. This does not mean that social networking isn't giving us valuable experience and tools to use for the future, just that its present state doesn't translate into most people's lives.

I'm hoping to find time tomorrow to post on Seth's 'Hiring A Community Manager' topic, and this post points in the direction of my thinking.

Thanks for caring enough to 'work' at it for all our benefit. :)


"The truth is, Valeria, what you get out of the social network you participate in – and, yes, blogs are one – is what you put in." - THANK YOU!

All this banter about LinkedIn eroding to nothingness, I don't quite understand. Sure, FaceBook has allowed me to connect with people from my past who are no further ahead now than 15 years ago, but what value is that? As far as I'm concerned, FB is the social side of networking. LI - business.

I've been talking with some people on LI that have huge numbers of contacts and each one keeps saying that only about 1% of their contacts develop into something significant. So sure, if you have 100 contacts and things aren't 'happening' for you, well guess what, that ONE contact may or may not have something on the go right now.. AND if you're waiting around for your phone to ring (as mentioned) then you're going to have a long wait. I personally added +100 contacts to my LI account in the last 24h, and all I can say is that opportunity abounds. These are also people I didn't go to school with, I didn't travel with, they aren't in my extended family, etc.. etc...

I truly have yet to figure out what is SO great about FB... The incessant flood of useless applications that I can now add is irritating, and I really don't care if "Dave is at home drinking beer".. Dave was at home drinking beer years ago... ?!

I firmly believe that FB finally reached it's tipping point which explains the flow towards it. It does have some great SOCIALIZING features to it (as originally developed), however, I really don't see myself seeking out business opportunities on it..

Do I have both accounts? You bet. ;)

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