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Roger -- I was really intrigued by the case Levitt made. It explained many of the situations connected with my experience and that of friends and neighbors. As Ann says, the commission here is 6%, I'm not sure most agents work to earn it.

Ann -- it does depend on objectives. If yours is to sell quickly and do the research to figure out a good appraisal for the space -- at that point is not yours anymore -- then you may be in good shape going it alone. Many of my friends and colleagues got a better deal alone than they did if whey had accepted a deal with an agent. As you say, if someone can add value, then it is worth the cost any day.

3% - Roger you're in great shape. Here (northeast US) the standard is 6% (often split if the buying and selling agent aren't the same person - but to the homeowner it's still 6% since we pay both).

I bought my house from someone who took some lousy advise from his real estate agent on setting the price. I offered him several thousand over his asking price. He immediately signed my contract only to be offered $20K more than what I gave him the next day!!! But it was a mighty quick sale!

On the other hand, I love my real estate agent - she is honest, helpful, professional, and a total relationship builder. I would go to her when selling my house in a heartbeat - she's worth the 6%.

Interesting discussion. I live in an area (SF Bay Area) where housing prices are high, and three per cent of a selling price is quite significant. I wonder what I'll do in the future: go with the professional in hopes of getting more than 3%, do it myself, or make a deal with a realtor.

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