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Mike -- we are experiencing some role reversal. That's why it's so important to become more transparent and collaborative in our business approach. Interesting quote you share... I think as consumers we've become more alert to BS, that's for sure.

A Mommy -- that's an interesting blog and what an intriguing proposition: superwoman! A friend of mine used to work with people she defined as superachivers. As usual, the truth is never completely one-sided. You may have noticed that my language is temperate. I say "aim to persuade" and if that's where they perceive their ROI to be, well. The point of my message (using the example above) was that respect comes through, as it does lack of consideration. I find that yes, some HO may have an inflated sense of their home's worth... yet many do their homework and end up selling for more than the agent would have gotten for them.

Everyone: any tales and stories to share?

I am a real estate agent, and while some things people say are true, some of them are a little off base. There are indeed some agents who price homes low, but in general, they are not that common. I do, however, think that if a person wants to go it alone and sell it themselves, they should. After all, it is their money.

As far as FSBOs go, though, my experience is that these sellers, in general, have a very inflated idea of their home's worth.

That's just my 2 cents.

I want to be Superwoman!

"more and more consumers are trained to see through it"

Right you are!

The folks in the automotive industry have already lamented this new reality.

I remember one car dealership general manager telling me, "in the old days WE use to be the ones lying to the customers, now the customers have so much information they're the ones lying to us."

And so it goes.

Keep creating,

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