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Russ -- incarnations of that concept have always fascinated me. The point is that sometimes we believe the fiction we create.

Carolyn Ann -- you gave me a chuckle. I had a conversation with a rep. from Chase Visa (wrote about it at FC a long time ago) who told me those exact words. "Everyone was switched to MasterCard!" "Well," I said "I'm not everyone, goodbye." Good pick up on being too cautious and not taking risks. There's also a little bit of validating yourself by associating with those who are perceived as smart. That is human, we all do it. Can't wait to read your post on motorcycles!

Well, I'm not sure what my name is... (But then again, maybe I am!)

I've never understood those ranking things; it's a bit like the salesguy telling me that "everyone" is buying their product. Well, I'm not "everyone", I'm "me". Maybe I have a different perspective on that, having gone through a lot to discover who "me" is, but I can't help but feel that efforts at "top ten" (or whatever the number is) are futile.

Is counting really that important? Is the prestige really so great? you write a good blog, but I'd never presume to judge it in comparison to others. One might as well ask if Ginsburg is better than Whitman: it's not a question that can be answered. You provide an insight that unique to you; others may not be so fortunate in their expression.

I'm sorry (well, as a figure of speech at least): when someone tells me that they're number one, all it tells me is that they're too cautious to annoy anyone. And that, last I checked, can never be counted as honest opinion.

Carolyn Ann

PS I referenced you in a posting of my own. Motorcycles and women. :-)


You had me with the entry title,
"I'm Not a Number but I Play one on Advertising Age"

love it

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