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Who owns social media? Here is the related question: who owns the customer? It has been asked for years, and the answers usually bounce between sales, marketing, and service.

Really, no one does; the customer owns himself.

I look forward to your post on your extended network! :-)

Lewis -- the how question comes into play when we are passed the idea and are heading to execution. How are we going to do it? The feeling part is "who cares?" In my book that is a very important question. That was a provocative post, and you were on the scene here fast.

David -- I know this is a topic you are passionate about. Failure is an option, as long as we learn from it. And social media is a place of education and learning, more so that training. Thank you, I hope it won't rain on the parade.

Becky -- my take on social media and customer service is another question: "who owns it?" I've been asking it for several posts at FC Expert blogs now... no takers so far, but maybe it is a good prompt to think about it. As for my extensive network, that is a good question, I should do a post about it.

Thanks for this post, Valeria. As someone who has also has lived both overseas and here, I agree that it is necessary to create one's own "mash-ups" of information, just to get a bearing on what to do next (and how to do it!). Social media is helping take that to the next level.

Will social media help take customer relationships to the next level? I think it depends on how it is used, whether customers feel welcome in the conversation, and whether there is sincerity.

On another note, tell us more about your international network with 1800+ individuals. Do you consider this your customer database? If so, how do you continue to nurture those relationships? :)

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