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» Ask(?)Away: Social Science as Applied to Commerce, Mario Vellandi -- Part Deux from Conversation Agent
We're continuing our fascinating conversation on social science as applied to commerce with Mario Vellandi of Melodies in Marketing. Yesterday, CK highlighted the importance of looking to human behavior/ influences/instinct in marketing. Observation is... [Read More]


Hi, I just wanted to add some thoughts.

At my previous employers, we had some key individuals who performed research into fads and trends in the marketplace, then organized this info into lifestyle profiles. This environmental scanning was a constant process. But this was just one element of a larger organization-wide product ideation process that included our shopping trips.

Fads and trends have lifecycles of their own that when understood, will qualify the degree of opportunity for each retail channel. [Btw, CK has a great white paper about fads/trends on her website.] Training your salespeople in this info improves their communication with buyers and relationships they build.

Allow me to stress that very last sentence. Relationships matter. If you want to be remembered next season for at least a meeting or presentation, you have to build customer intimacy into your organization's culture and the mindset of your salespeople. This requires looking out for the buyer's interests in regards to product fit, assortment, price points, margin, and # of units on shelf.

One of the other advantages of online publication is that age disappears behind smarts. I have so enjoyed picking Mario's brain on consumer behavior and research. And am looking forward to read others weigh in on successful buying experiences.

We go back to those stores because we've found a place to be.

As I've said to you and Mario...he has to be an "old" soul to be this smart for his age. Thanks for publishing this conversation and for highlighting Mario. He's taught me a lot about looking to human behavior/influences/instinct and reminds me just how important it is in marketing.

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