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Tiffany -- email marketing seems to be a proven way to go in may b-to-b models; it can be run based upon permission levels and has been used for quite some time now. I do wonder about Web sites. Have we made the jump from static brochure ware to what do you want them to do yet?

Herb -- SL gave me pause as well while I was recreating the charts last night. As for social networks, it does make sense as they are more driven by who is there and the traffic who is there generates... no kind of control from the company as you may have partly in blogs by moderating the conversation. Thank you for coming back! I really did enjoy your take on facilitating conversations with clients at your blog.

Great post! I saw that data from BtoB Magazine too - it caught my attention. I'm shifting money from traditional advertising to new media on a quarterly basis. I'm noticing it's not a money issue, but rather a time issue. I can get into a lot of new mediums (i.e. blogging) for minimal cost, but the time spent compared to traditional mediums is much greater. I think this will be the greatest issue facing the BtoB market in the coming years.

The ROI is tough to measure, but I think BtoB organizations understand it's about the "conversation" and the long term benefits of starting that are invaluable. In two or three years, there will definitely be more organized metrics for new mediums.

Great post - as usual Valeria. I understand why b2b is bigger in the monetary sense but it is interesting that the technology is allowing one to one connection. I am assuming that B2C does not come up as they are using the tools as "free marketing" rather than spending money on the advertsing? In so many ways it does not make sense that b2c is lower as the tools are so suited for them. Mmm may have to muse some more, thanks for the inspiration.

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