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Hi Valeria -- I once again enjoyed your recent article at The Blog Herald :)

I'm actually using a dial-up connection right now. Unfortunately the contract extends to April next year so I will be continuing for a while.

I think if I had cable I would probably get twice as much done in one day! Have you found it's made you more efficient?

It's a big company and like every large organization it has grown through a mix of acquisitions and new lines of business. This one did from the original cable.

Businesses are seldom ready to make that investment until it hurts. Then it needs to hurt some more... then maybe they will begin to track back to investing in doing the right things. In my case, it would have been a non issue and quite simple (and cheap) to do.


I, too, have had less-than-great customer experiences with Comcast. Unfortunately, I think they represent the majority of my experiences, as seldom does customer service meet my moderate expectations.

You lay out good advice. I wonder if businesses are willing to invest the time and money required to achieve great customer experiences.

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