Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Luxury Brands: Are Their Stories More Compelling?

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Valeria, I think it all comes back to the experience satisfying the needs of the customer. The more money spent on a product or service, the more it has better meet my need! Telling a story which pulls me in helps me see how my need is met.

Customer experience is more than just service and support. It is how you feel when you shop for it, purchase it, take it out of the box/driveway, use it, maintain it, and replace it. Great brands have thought through every step and meet their customers at each point along the way.

For the amount of money which is spent on mass marketing (even of lower-end items), one could easily pull aside a smaller amount and really understand the customer experience. Companies making that priority will enhance their brand, whatever the product.

Hi Valeria,

Could it be the reality of 'vast prosperity'? In the US, a car is not out of reach for most citizens. So at certain entry prices, it is a commodity...all the way to $30k! Then the exclusivity kicks in...want to pursue perfection? Lexus.

I do think there is room to add design and a 'luxury' feel if we just shift slightly how we market products. Karen detailed a great story about the French hat store. It really wasn't about the hat. What about when someone buys a drill? Looking for color, size, power, cordless? That's what is marketed. You actually, knowing or not, came to the store to buy holes!! You need something to make holes. What does color, or cordless, have to do with that? Just like the hat example, the drill is about holes, not the drill.


Welcome to the conversation. You are absolutely right. I kind of reply to part of my own question and that is because in a way we know why. Still we don't treat non luxury brands as opportunities to deliver great experiences.

Maybe the experience is on the customer support and service side; maybe it is on delivering a great design at a reasonable price. Just thinking out loud here.

Yes, let's hope Porsche doesn't get in the pick up truck business, shall we? I like them just the way they are ;-)

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