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What an great conversation and a fascinating concept of using stories as pinpoints on a map of the future - I think each year's map should be buried in a time-capsule so that they could survive any technology meltdown - what a gift for future generations to be able to see what we felt were the important stories of our time.

As Mario pointed out the very nature of the internet (as a tool) enables a Participatory Culture but what's most encouraging is the ease with which younger generations have adopted the model of participation as a part of their daily routine as much as getting up and getting dressed in the morning is. Interaction online is now second nature to so many that it can only continue to grow.

I'm excited to see what the next few years will bring, not only in terms of tools but also the ways in which those tools may be used, possibly in different ways than they were designed to be used. While innovation is not the sole domain of the young, certainly they they are the engine that keeps it moving forward.

I confess that I too do not fully understand New Commons, but I imagine it might have to do with the ways in which technology is making our world smaller, with overlapping goals being one positive outcome.

I'm off to order my copy of the map too!


People will join if they know you're sincere about it and will value their input. Absolutely. The trick is to have the project you're asking input for not become a "made by committee" one. So showing appreciation and managing expectations through communications are key.

Sharing is good -- you share knowledge and assistance, sell experience and skill. This is a tough distinction to make in established organizations where the value used to be in selling the knowledge. Today there is enough knowledge, maybe too much. The money is in the filtering, aggregation, specific making sense and execution.

Participatory Culture:
The current state of affairs I think we're familiar with. Ignacio pointed out the realm of communications between employer and employee. Although a variety of tools (now & later) will be enablers...their implementation and effective use will be based on the culture of the org and personalities of top management.
In a macro viewpoint, getting people to participate will require belief in the value of contribution and (in organizational/club contexts) group leaders who will be encouragement agents.

New Commons:
The big idea is sharing. It may involve certain restrictions or requirements, though these will be implied. Creative Commons will be one form.

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