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Oh my, you remind me of the original fax machines with thermal paper. Coming into the office in the morning and finding the paper rolled up on the floor. And they they would fade so we made copies of the faxes for the files. It was not so long ago (I'd like to think).

Any back up is smart planning.

James here...

I used to love Skype... it has been so good for me... but now I hate Skype... There comes a time in every man's (or for that matter, woman's) life, when they have have to make a (life changing... well sorta) choice and move on...

I certainly have made mine...

I have moved on to something better than Skype... its called Damaka. (

Like a frog in a well, I thought Skype was the best software... but since I have started using damaka, I have fallen in love with it. The software seem like Skype... but has WAY MORE FEATURES than Skype... plus I love the UI... its simple and very easy to use.

I found the call quality to be better and video quality beats everyone (Skype, yahoo and the gang) It has some really great features like desktop sharing and videomail. And hey it has free voicemail (not like Skype)... now who doesn't like free???

Well, check it out yourself...


I wonder how many people remember that Skype uses their internet bandwidth to carry the calls of others - perhaps a large number of users simply turned off their computers last Thursday? :)

Skype is such a blessing to so many hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who might not otherwise be able to keep in touch as easily, given the high cost of traditional international calling. I use it myself (along with IM) to keep in touch with employees and colleagues that are spread out far and wide. It amazes me how reliant we've become on our technology, and how lost we can be when it doesn't work, even for a short time. I'm old enough to remember the "days before", not just the internet, but before fax machines - how incredulous we were that we could send a piece of paper across county in minutes! And now I can't stand to be away from my computer, IM, Skype etc for even a few hours. I purposely never use the phrase "the good old days" - instead I say "the pre life-enhancing technology days"!

I agree with others though that if you are using skype (or any VOIP service) for business, you really should have a mobile or land line backup - especially if you use a toll-free number, which can generally be shifted quickly to ring to a new number simply by calling your carrier.

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