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That was the point Ken Fisher was making at Art Technica. When working in technology you do realize that a lot needs to happen on the back end to make the experience on the front end seamless.

I love my geek friends, they bail me out every time I get in trouble ;-)

When so many have come to rely on a service and product and that goes down, I can see how that can be frustrating and weave its way quickly into the news. Last time I checked, the Skype had no update on the issue. Although we had a report here from Bulgaria that service was back on there.

Emilian -- thank you for dropping in and letting us know that it works now for you.

Howard -- that is an interesting statement. I read in some places (linked in my post above) that there was reason to think the disruption was caused by a software upgrade somewhere. I do not know, maybe worth checking out. Do you rely heavily on Skype for business?

It's such a real life reminder of how quickly we come to expect perfection isn't it? I think it is amazing also that more glitches don't happen more often, especially being married to a a developer. Even for those of us just touching the outskirts you quickly see how missing one closing bracket or quote can mess things up! Yet some of the biggest and most amazing technologies we rely on so heavily run without noticable errors so much more of the time than they experience hiccups. Opposites in all things, but I for one am very grateful for the amazing work that others do behind the scenes every day that afford me such comfortable and indulgent abilities to connect with others.


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