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I'm kind of old-fashion but for several years of hell-bent-partying, Paris has brought the name Hilton to the forefront. I'm not sure her bad behavior hurt the Hotel chain; most understand that she isn't associated with the hotels.

However, instead of being angry with Paris, Grandfather Hilton should be outraged with his son. Paris is spoiled and without values that positively enhance her personal brand or improve our culture. Don't we learn values, ethics and personal behavior from our parents?

What she has/had, she used - a famous name, physical attractiveness, and notoriety through bad behavior. She's parlayed it, for better or worse, into her own "chain" - a chain of stories that enable her to rake in the dough by being a "bad girl." That's her brand, and it has very little to do with the hotel brand. She doesn't need Grandpa's money, but she'll soon reap the fruits of her path to ephemeral "gossip" glory - she'll be thrust aside for the next fad. Grandpa sought to build an oak, she's a fast-fading flower. It's not hard to figure out where the enduring value is...

Trisha -- you make an interesting point: the use of a name that is also associated with a strong brand to fast track your way to success. Clearly, if her name had been different, she may not have the rapt audience she has. A lawsuit! I'm quite sure that there are a couple of lawyers among my readers. Does anyone have an opinion on Hilton vs. Hilton for brand defamation?

Carolyn Ann -- maybe she does not care about the Hotel brand name, except, I think, to use it to her advantage. You're spot on about the restoration of her will -- yet, let's give the press credit, I'm sure we can come up with an angle ;-) Thank you for being so deliberate with your language; it's music to my ears/eyes.

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