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Lewis and all the other great guys who blog out there -- I hear you and by and large spend most of my time exchanging comments and ideas with you. Check it out, you'll know it's true.

Most of the ladies on this list I did not know with a few rare exceptions. Why? Because (and entire books are written on it) women tend to be less self promotional than men. Look at the statistics:

Power 150 -- 13% are women
Top 100 blogs on Technorati - 8% are women

I could go on. Hey, look at Drew's post. He did not even mention the list came from me. Now, I'm sure that was unintentional on his part. Would you have known many of these great blogs -- and so far I am tracking about 130 on different permutations -- had we not started this type of list?

Frankly, I would have not. They exist yet nobody is tracking them. When we shine a light on someone, we do not infer that others do not shine.


I just learned of this list over at Customers Rock. As you know, I am always looking for great reads. But let me tread, lightly I hope, where most men never dare. I have a problem with women only, men only, whites only, blacks only anything. And here is specifically what I said over at Becky's"


I am a marketer and believe the way to get noticed (and rankings) is to market your products and services, in this case blogs. But, like Roger, I am troubled when we separate people by gender or race.

The message being sent to me is that in order for women bloggers to be noticed, they must create a special class of people. And that just isn't true. In fact, I believe it is hurtful and demeaning to women, especially those who are getting noticed. It is certainly disrespectful to us male readers and demeaning of our efforts to write about women bloggers as often as we wrtie about men. I don't write about women because I think they need my help. I write about them because they said or have something important to say.

I read as many women writers as men, and women have always done as well if not better than men as novelists, poets, and free-lance writers. Why not as bloggers? Again, I urge women bloggers to market their sites; don't depend upon a gimmick. It is beneath you. Talent, not gender, should be the focus of marketing bloggers.

The"Well behaved women rarely make history" bumper sticker on the back of my car draws lots of attention and starts lots of conversations! Thanks for this list of women bloggers. I will link to this from my blog... which is read mainly by women!

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