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Maybe I should have another alias in stealth agent, or something like that, for when I find people scraping information about me for their "social networks".

Being smart is paramount. I have noticed that all "famous" bloggers are very careful in releasing information about themselves. Even with the false sense of access we have online, it still takes time to get to know each other.

This is an interesting discussion on many fronts, and the keys to managing your online reputation, in my mind, are twofold:

1) Find the right balance
2) Be smart

I don't think there's anything wrong with letting your hair down a bit and showing that you have a fun side. But you always have to be aware that the closed social network you're playing in one day may swing open its doors to a wider group the next. Let's call that "The Facebook Lesson".

Recruiters are checking up on you, future employers too. Who knows, maybe even your future in-laws are Googling you too. The point is, show the real you. Not the one you're pretending to be on the weekends. If the real you, though, is that person in the sketchy pictures, be prepared to face the consequences.

There's no such thing as anonymity any more.


This is a fascinating world in which many dive in head first and then may come to backtrack on later. There is a reason for staying true to one's brand and making informed decisions about digital imprint. These search engines are very powerful and will not let you, or anyone else forget about what you write.

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