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Yes, if you're not careful, you get involved with us here ;-) Hmmm... the way you explain it one might event substitute design for execution. I'd be curious to see what ideas others have. Would it work?

1. Very few managers can also do/execute it all perfectly. They need to learn to cede some of that control to others/specialists (Carolyn Ann's point)

2. Understand the value of content experts; hire them; get out of their way.

Does it work?

Mario -- ah, you touch upon my sweet spot of language and semantics. Words, or symbols are rooted into history and borrow their efficacy from context. Yes, indeed this is a broad and potentially deep topic. I may share some of the thoughts put forth at the annual philosophy festival in Modena, which my mother attended and blogged about ;-) I know your distinction of form and function resonates with some of my dearest readers (Mike W. for example). I studied (and love) the classics, yet am a Romantic by instinct. Perhaps someone else is willing to pick up your thread and continue the conversation?

Carolyn Ann -- of course, the answer to every question is communications from the communicator's seat, marketing from the marketer's seat... you get the idea. What a great closing you gave us! It brings me back to the main reason for this blog -- the conversation. Thank you.


I'm not qualified to pick linguistic nuances but that may be some of the rub on this post. The leader can understand and drive design in two fashions -

1. Be great at design like Jobs, very few of these people.
2. Understand the value of design (like Carolyn Ann suggests) and hire great designers. Ikea? Target? Unfortunately these are also few and far between.

Both of these examples drive design top down, it's just one is hands on and one is hiring the right people. They both "get design" don't they?

Thanks again for the great posts Valeria. If you keep this up I may have to really join the Conversation.

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