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I have enjoyed our exchanges filled with business talk, humor, and personal anecdotes -- just the way of social media. Let's continue the conversation, since you already know that every dot connects with Connie, I'm sure our paths will cross again soon.

Maybe if any of you is in this neck of the woods we can have a drink and swap stories. Thank you again for dropping by.

Wow Valeria, thats a post :-). We really appreciate your outside perspective that reaffirms our sense of going down the right path. Geoff thanks for the call out because being part of the community and conversation is important to's how we learn and adapt and improve our business.

Often, for us, getting out there, entering conversations, listening, learning (and sometimes putting forward our point of view and perspective) we wonder if we are making progress. Although you can't go wrong by listening and learning.

But right here, Valeria reassures us to keep at it. Nathania makes its clear (Thank you!) we are having an impact and making progress, and also thrilled that you like the new laptop. Trisha, i heard you on the pricing -- we are working on that. Connie, our paths keep crossing...tonight should be fun and informative and thrilled about the Nov 6 Social Media Club session.

To all we appreciate the feedback

Geoff -- you know, for many years we talked about work/life balance (a myth) and office/home separation (free agency debunked that). There is one conversation... and I won't say more, you'll have to wait for the details on Oct. 4 ;-)

Nathania -- it is nice to have that kind of personal attention. Much better than a personalized postcard with your name on it, isn't it?

Trisha -- yes, one of the reasons why I think their strategy may pay off on the business side is that so far there are indications that the company is listening to your sort of input and making changes accordingly where possible.

Connie -- it's always so nice to have you visit! Another reason to like Austin, I see. I look forward to reading about the event and the workshop.

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