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I'm chiming in on the "Dell gets social media" bandwagon. People from Dell have participated in all of our Social Media Club meetings here in Austin since the beginning. They're very open, always willing to serve as a resource to the social media community, and have been a lot of fun to get to know.

In fact, Lionel Menchaca, John Pope and Caroline Dietz of Dell's Digital Media team will be the panel at our SMC meeting tonight. Laura Thomas from Dell's corporate office will be speaking at an upcoming event about Dell's presence in Second Life and their addition of virtual customer service hours there.

And the delightful, all-over-the-blogosphere Richard@Dell is helping us plan a day-long workshop for Nov. 6 with Dell as the event sponsor.

As always, Valeria, I enjoy reading your take on things. Off to look at the FC article now.

Dell has always been a good company with a good product, the only brand I recommend to people who are not yet ready to make the leap to a Mac. You can't go wrong buying a Dell.

I'm very glad to see they are reaching out in new ways to communicate with customers - happy customers refer other customers, so this can only help them regain their footing and stature in the market.

Now if they could just fix some of their pricing inconsistencies on their products... :)

I can attest to the excellence of Dell's Social Media efforts.

I recently bought a Dell Inspiron and documented the purchasing process. Each one of my three posts was responded to by someone from Dell. Two were comments and one was a direct contact.

Not only that, but I did receive my laptop this week and I LOVE IT. It's everything I wanted. Plus, my productivity has increased tremendously.

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