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Hi Joe:

The strategy can and does (sometimes should) contain an aspirational piece. I equate strategy with ideas, it is only good when implemented. I have one simple rule 90/10/90 -- spend 90% of your budgets on the 10% of your brand promise (and top objectives) that will give you 90% of the profit. Otherwise what kind of business are you running? Love Ode Magazine, BTW.

Hi Valeria,

A few months ago I was reading an article in Ode Magazine (www.odemagazine.com) on geotourism that mentioned we should 'vote with our dollars' to determine what we want to see more of.

This was never truer than in organizations today. It is rarely a budget issue as an ROI issue. The critical strategy piece is getting organizations to equate their strategy with their budget spend. I see many organizations that talk/strategize in one direction while spending freely in areas unrelated to their strategy! Why is this happening? Is the strategy purely aspirational?

(I posted a comment at FC as well. Voting with my 'dollars' - I want you to write in both places!)

Ciao, Joe

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