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Geoff -- I really do give them points for signing with the name of a real person and staying consistent across media.

Ignacio -- that is a very interesting point you bring up. How do you know which blog will light the conversation? Maybe you don't. Maybe you start somewhere and build from it. We've said it before that self publishing tools have made for great equalizers. The fascinating dynamics of new media may have the post of an obscure blog being catapulted to fame by a link from a blogger with very high traffic. I say that learning to stay in the game and be resilient is part of the answer. What does everyone else think?

Mario -- it is more likely that the molecule would be developed overseas ;-)

Bye bye diacetyl...we won't miss you!
(Chemists in Indian lab adjust a molecule, send formula back to States, build here, and approve by FDA [if needed]).

That's a really interesting challenge.

In my experience working in communications and having been involved in crisis communications and training, the LAST thing you want to do during the crisis is SELL. You have to INFORM, and you have to be forthcoming, as transparent as possible, genuine, and a problem-solver.

Having said that, to me, today, it's a no brainer that you have to apply this across all media (including blogs), at the same time. There's no "first tier," then "second-tier," etc.

But, I think it's progress that big corporate PR folks are at least including blogs in any tier at all.

The CHALLENGE though, from a communications perspecitve, is knowing what blogs are "serious" (for lack of a better word) and which ones are just unpleased crisis or no crisis. I think corporate comm is having a bit difficulty there, and that's where they need support and help. At least that's what I think. But, would love to see what other folks think of this challenge and how they go about selecting blogs worth investing the time to reach out to, and not dealing with the ones that are, you know, for lack of a better word, not transparent or not willing to take anything for an answer.

Great post Valeria!


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