Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Why Tim Russert's "Meet the Press" is Still ImPRESSive

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Thank you for your kind words, Daniel. And there for a moment I thought that I was the only one talking back to the TV ;-) If I had to pick my favorite part of blogging, it would be the dialogue with readers.

Great article Valeria. I enjoy Tim Russert on MTP and watch each Sunday morning before going to church. He's a good referee and debate stimulator. I like it when his guests are put on the spot. Always good information.

As good as MTP is, you can't converse like you can in a blog. I often find myself making comments to my television screen, as if part of the discussion!


I like the idea of "discerning patters in popular culture" as you put it. What do you use to learn and shape your opinion? From our past conversations I would say books... and conversations. So maybe blogs are a destination for thinking out loud. They are for me.

And sometimes the less polished and more instinctual posts (what might be defined as timely and less researched) generate more wealth for my readers. Unfinished allows for adoption and flexibility in paths taken.

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