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Pier Luca -- your English is fine, no worries. We're all a little Italian here -- welcoming, ready to come your way, etc. Wait until I get my new Mac, you might even see more video ;-) Content it is -- new media publications afford space and effort for niche topics that readers want to learn about. Maybe this is fodder for a separate post. There are some small news organizations that have gone totally local and their communities are loving them.

Robyn -- we invent ourselves every time we enter a new conversation.

Lynne -- how cool of you to join in. Point and share when you're ready with your ideas.

Christina -- I think that between blogs and social clubs there were listservs. Online conversations of many to many, like Fast Company had, still has actually. The opinion is the main dish for people to gather, come together (convertere at the root of conversation).

I's like to open up the question to all readers here: what do you think? Strategy and measurement with a blog for a business?

I believe blogs tend not to "report" in the way that traditional media reports on a topic. There may be factual information put forth, or links recapping interesting headlines, but often it's opinion, which is fine because conversations are essentially opinions. Conversations (or blogs) perhaps stem from traditional media and their topics but really require active participation, listening, engaging and opinions.

I read a few online publications, generally for industry news and trends. I don't read e-zines or e-newsletters anymore because to me, they are not newsworthy (and they certainly aren't opinion/conversational based). So I am left with the fabulous blogs of my choosing and other social media outlets that allow me to engage in dialog and express opinions. If a business has a blog, it should recall the days of the dotcom bomb and be sure there's an online marketing strategy behind it (and its other online endeavors). Blogs are really no different than social networks of previous lives...we're just doing it online with our cup of jo next to us instead of on the golf course...or over tea...or playing bingo.

This is an excellent post Valeria. It's giving me some food for thought. Thanks for this.

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