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Dear Valeria,
The "time to response" has become a key issue for customers. A recent study by Cap Gemini on this subject found that cars dealers that give a response in 20 minutes to customers doubled their conversion rates.
Big hug.
Pier Luca Santoro

Are you saying that we still suffer from incurable pioneering spirit here? Isn't speed the enemy of good? There was a saying in Italy we used all the time -- when you're in a hurry, slow down. I appreciated how true when I spilled a whole jar of nail polish on tile for wanting to finish the job faster ;-) Or does the tendency foster short attention spans? It seems to me this a catch-22 issue.

Your Northwestern Mutual example does seem to indicate that we're indeed talking about luxury, and privacy should be a given.

Want to know why sincerity cannot be faked? Gut -- we have a well developed instinct for danger, if we learn to listen to it. We sometimes talk ourselves into believing despite what we feel.

I'd be interested in what others might say about this point. Good discussion starter, thank you!

a) we're impatient because we feel the need to accomplish things quickly. I don't believe we feel that we're missing things so much as feel that we are about to get clobbered by something else, so - lets get this done and get ready for that. Short attention spans help with that tendency, too.

b) private and confidential conversations -- in support of that concept, I offer the ads for (is it Northwestern Mutual? Not sure) whose tagline appears to be 'Time for a Quiet Conversation'. I wish I could convince myself that they're promoting gentility, but I think I'll have to settle for the concept of exclusivity as the selling point. Yes, exclusivity to anyone who'll pay the price for their services IS something of an oxymoron.

c)Demonstrating that you're trustworthy? Borrowing from the old joke: By being trustworthy. (You know: if you can fake sincerity, you've got it made.)

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