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I wrote up Harris Interactive's take on mobile advertising a few months ago. They presented some great ideas and innovations. However, they stressed the importance of opt-in requirements to any advertising program.

In the meantime, before all that gets sorted out, here is one way to ensure you do not get text message spam:

All my best,

Yes, of course. I was browsing through AT&T's web site today to find out if there was an easier way to "opt out" of that function, in case I had not already done so and all I came up with was the customer service number. So I had to make the call.

Anything that will make US mobile carriers look like they're not trying to "lock you in" even when they are goes to positive vibes for their brands in my view.

As for the marketing tactics run by companies -- tsk, tsk; if you're inviting someone to participate in *one* event, don't expect they would love to get all your communications. How old is the concept of permission marketing now? Exactly!

May I add one to your list?

6. When I ask to opt back out again, be respectful and remove my mobile number from your marketing list promptly.

I mistakenly opted-in when responding via text to a promo to win a prize while at a sporting event out of state - the company then started sending my twice-weekly text messages (even though they must have realized I had an out-of-state number!) that took many months to get stopped - I had to actually speak to the head of their marketing department to get removed - it was very frustrating and left a bad impression of their company with me.

In most cases texting "quit" or "cancel" ususally does the trick. In your situation, since that wasn't available, contacting your carrier was the right way to go. In my case, because I did opt-in (even if I didn't realize what I was doing at the time) contacting the marketer was my best option - it just would have been nice if they'd honored the normal way of opting back out.

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