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Incorporation makes sense if I think about having a number of business ventures tied to "Me LLP" company -- tax purposes, affiliation, etc. -- as well, important for scalability when issues like liability, assets and such come into play. I'm no lawyer so if this is of interest I can pull in one to discuss with us.

Well, I see how you can object to the language -- it already feels tired because that's what many are using. The ideas are valid: figure out a way to make money if that is your business; and consider an opportunity that is not so crowded and very specific to give yourself room to grow and utilize your specific skills.

Hmmm... might the comparison to Gutenberg press refer to self publishing as a whole? The shift is important in many ways. Maybe I can do a post of what opportunities it has opened up for me. Too many to detail here. Think about us being able to toss these concepts back and forth and turn a good sentence every so often as one of the small outcomes.

If the message doesn't come through it is clearly my inability of not highlighting the work Jim is doing.

Thank you, Carolyn Ann.

I can agree with the "have a plan and work it" bit, but I'm confused why incorporation is required?

The word "monetize" needs to be taken out the back, and soundly beaten until it promises to go away. I don't normally advocate violence in such a manner, but make enthusiastic exception for words of that ilk.

Actually, I would offer that phrases like "monetize your content identify a niche market that has sufficient growth potential" [sic] need to be excised - with alacrity, and extreme prejudice. The phrase is just so offensive to lovers of the English language!

A shift akin to the Gutenberg Press? That's a little bold. I don't think it's at all accurate, either. Hyperbole is all well and good when selling something, but I'm not sure that providing a slightly different venue for social interaction (in a field that already has many ways and opportunities for such communication, from forums to blogs and even groups that meet in members' houses), I'm not sure it qualifies as the next printing press.

I'm sorry for being quite so negative! I'm sure Mr Long has an enthusiasm for crafting, besides the exploitation of an opportunity. It just doesn't come across very well.

Carolyn Ann

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