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Dear Valeria,
It has been, once again, a great idea to ask via twitter to readers and followers/fellows the topics for the posts of the week. This really IS conversation. Thanks to have chosen the one I suggested.
Every one writing on this topic is discussing the qualitative elements that best describe return on influence and some months ago I tried to do so as well [http://www.marketingblog.it/return-on-influence/social-media/users-media/consumer-media/new-media/influenzare-gli-influenzatori/opinion-leaders/engagement/roi--roi-from-return-to-investment-shifting-to-return-on-influence.htm ]
I'm asking my self - and to you and your readers/contributors - how to shift from qualitative to quantitative measurements as we tried to point out a today in our collaborative space Marketing Agorà [http://marketingagora.wordpress.com/2007/10/30/numerica-ponderata/ ]
Once we will have made a Map on these items I'll send it to you to keep talking about this important subject.
Pier Luca Santoro

Hi Valeria,

This post instantly brought to mind one of your best posts (IMHO) EVER:

"How do you go from Start to Success?" from 26 March 2007.

In this post you answer the question (for me...) on how to resolve the tension between one's true North/personal brand and the company's brand.

ROI = Return On Influence is a key concept in the talent management field as well. Sure, hire great people. The question to ask is: can we profit from this 'talent'? If not, we're not matching skill/will/resource of our new hires to our mission. Which then leads our teams to ask the questions you pose above.

This "return on influence" approach has far-reaching impact...dare I say INFLUENCE!

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