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I'm in the camp that corporate culture matters to consumers even if they don't realize it. The key is that culture is reflected in the goods and services of the corporation.

Perception is everything though. if consumers think the folks making the latest jeans understand the 'in' culture then they will buy those clothes. As items become more technical or specific however, the perception must be that the company understands that speciality and it's core users.

And what is the key differentiating factor when all other things are equal? Image. What is the culture most aligned with your own?

Taking this in context of employees though, it becomes a little different. People that will always be 'employees' would love to shop by image, but that works both ways. Employers want a certain image also when they hire the next person through the door.

So employee types, myself included, would love to go work for a company with the right image. You'd think that's easy enough. Sadly though, the image of the company I'd love to work for is not a common one, and I'll wager many folks feel the same. So what we look for is the one's that are least disturbing. And we go beyond image, to what's behind it, to the real culture. And we hope we find the least scary one to work for.

For many of us that is as much a motivating factory to not jumping as money or vacation factors. The culture of the organization is really most important.

Will they treat me as a person and not just a resource? Will my creative side be nurtured, or ignored? Will I be challenged or not?

okay, enough for now, but I agree very much that culture matters in lots of areas. Let's go build on it.

Affinities are cultivated, that's why culture matters. Wherever we go, that's where we are... Thank you for the resource, Mike. Always good to have you here.

Valeria, thanks for the kind mention in this post.

What a wonderful conversation you have launched with these reflections!

As a resource I'd recommend Edgar H. Schein's book, "Organizational Culture and Leadership".

Worth the read.

Keep creating,

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