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Hi Valeria,

This topic is central to a lot of conversation, isn't it?

I agree with Karen's post: many companies thrive with a seemingly toxic culture. Where these companies may be doing right is knowing what they want, creating that culture, and then executing on the strategy. I don't agree with their methods - I do applaud their process.

Imagine if a company said, "People are our greatest asset" and backed that up with relevant actions! These toxic companies rarely portray themselves as anything other than toxic on the inside - so people know what they're signing up for. Why they continue to do so is a mystery.

Some additional resources:

Dr. Alex Pattakos is a Viktor Frankl scholar. His blog at is a great connection. I also recommend his book, "Prisoners of Our Thoughts".

Seth Godin's post titled, "End you tasks, end your job?" is another view.

Thank you for your continued insight and furthering the conversation!

Cheers, Joe


I agree with you in that a company's culture matters to its bottom-line, but I have to wonder why it is that so many companies continue to thrive in spite of the fact that their culture is "toxic", and that they continue to underutilize people's key skills and talents.

For various reasons (sometimes fear based), people continue to put up with bad situations in the workplace for fear of losing their jobs. This creates a culture of "fear", and only the confident few will find greener pastures elsewhere.

During my career, I've often found myself wondering about the meaning of many situations. Every day I hear stories of toxic bosses and workplaces, and it's making the lives of otherwise happy people quite miserable. In many cases, people who are responsible for this negativity unfortunately get promoted. In these cases, task fulfillment is the only thing that matters to these companies, and the bottom-line is actually increased as a result of this behaviour.

Perhaps the people who contribute to a negative culture should read Viktor Frankl's wonderful book.

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