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@Ignacio -- that's a very good question. I'm half thinking I should ask the next company I come across. Let me venture a response: it's the culture. All that stuff usually considered soft that feeds the personality of a brand as expressed and experienced. All that stuff that companies may not view as important to quarter to quarter results.

Apple decided it is in the design business and shows you what it feels like to experience good design -- of product, of buying, of conversation. I was in touch with their Apple Care division and am still very impressed by the poise, simplicity of use, and intelligent delivery this company provides.

I may be a little late to this post, but, I have to comment because this topic is the biggest pet peeve of mine.

Everywhere I go retail-based, I feel like I am a nuisance to the folks working at the store, and that I'm there to beg for a favor. There's no desire at all to be interested in "my story." Never, ever, nada, zip. Be it food, electronics, gadgets, anywhere, I am encountered with folks who obviously do not care about their company, their job, so why should they bother to help "me." This whole brand conversion gets very low scores in my marketing score card.

Which is why I think Apple is really trying to do something different and change. They may not be able to fix some problems at times, or not able to sell me completely on a certain product, but I go into their store knowing that I'll make a Mac friend who really wants to help me and cares about what I do with my computer. I mean, it's common sense.

Why can't the rest do that?


@Carlos -- I've seen families having pictures taken in front of the store entrance. Now, that is a brand!

@Carolyn Ann -- my ideal situation is when someone shows me how you do something. I am actually very bad at following instructions from a manual. That's my definition of hands-on. Dell is actually starting to do a lot of things right on the consumer side. Still, I had my mind made up so I was switching and it made sense to switch everything.

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